Tuesday, July 9, 2013


"Zephyr" / 11 x 17" / acrylic & ink on bristol board

At long last, we have reached the conclusion of Series 4. I'm ending this run with a westerly wind & an eerie seaside confrontation.

I'm not sure if those floating, black goo-headed swordsmen mean to do harm to our one-handed man. But from the looks of things, this isn't exactly the prelude to a friendly stroll on the beach. It only felt appropriate to close out with a snippet from an untold story that's been floating around in my head. This entire series has been made up of imaginary snapshots.

I've had an absolute blast creating all 26 illustrations in this series. To everyone who's followed the blog these past 5-and-a-half weeks, thanks so much for joining me on my little black & white tour de force. Please stay tuned for news, regarding my future plans for Alphabet Attack!, including the next series, a book collecting the art, and more.

Again, thanks for tuning in & giving me an extra incentive to go hog wild with a handful of pens, half a dozen brushes, and several gallons of ink!

- Dave C.

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