Friday, July 29, 2011

Here Comes Series 3!

This coming Monday marks the long-awaited start of Alphabet Attack! Series 3. So I thought I'd let you know what's in store....

No More Fan Art
Series 1 & 2 consisted entirely of "fan art" -- illustrations based on science fiction and comic books that are well known in the realm of Pop Culture. But for Series 3, I'll be dealing entirely with creator-owned subject matter. I had a blast and learned a lot with the first two runs of Alphabet Attack!, drawing some of my favorite characters from Star Wars & Battlestar Galactica to G.I. Joe & Transformers. But getting to work with people & worlds of my own make & design is a big part of this next phase of the blog.

A New Format
Rather than the Monday through Friday, daily rush to bring you fresh drawings, Series 3 will be presented in a weekly format. Basically, Alphabet Attack! is about to become an in depth process blog, with updates three days a week --

Monday - I'll post the alphabet alliteration phrase for the week, along with sketches of the illustration I plan on making to go with the words.

Wednesday - You'll get to see the work-in-progress, and read notes on my creative process as I forge ahead.

Friday - The finished illustration will hit the blog and shine for all to see!

So instead of 26 days of art, you'll be getting 26 weeks. To quote Kool Aid Man, "Oh yeah!"

The Future
Alphabet Attack! has been a huge success, mostly because of fan/collector support & enthusiasm. With that in mind, I've decided to add an interactive aspect to Series 3.

Every four illustrations I create for the blog, I'll ask viewers to vote on their favorite one. Whichever of the four pieces wins will go on to be released as a limited edition print. This is the chance for fans to play a pivotal role in deciding which of my works goes on to a second collectible life!

So that's how it's all going to shake out, more or less. I'm so glad you've decided to stick with me and my artwork for this long. And I'm ecstatic to begin bringing you even more delicious eye candy and creative insight through this blog, in the weeks to come.

"Feel good to relax it, shake it on like me! Loose booty!!!"
- Dave

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