Monday, August 1, 2011

"Almost Anonymous" Monday

The title for this one came to me over a month ago, back when I first started tinkering with ideas for this, the third series of
Alphabet Attack! That phrase -- "Almost Anonymous" -- just sorta popped into my head. And being the perv that I am, it immediately lead to thoughts of anonymous lovers... bodies jumbled like a word puzzle in some Caligula tribute, with everyone wearing creepy masks a la Eyes Wide Shut.

Then, it dawned on me to spice things up with a bit of murder. So I landed on the idea of a masked woman, about to make a clean getaway after slicing up her man of the evening like some wild lady-mantis. Only, in his passionate death throes, the unfortunate stud has managed to uncover the gorgeous visage of his sated femme fatale.

The above sketch is watercolor & graphite on mixed media paper, 9 x 12". While it's a rough approximation of what I have in mind for the final piece, I think this is only hitting half of the marks I'm aiming for. Before I take this to canvas or board or whatever, I'll pour over the subject matter a bit more, play with shapes and angles and, finally, attack a composition that I think really pushes what I'm going for here. Glad to have you all along to watch the process unfold!

Stay tuned for Wednesday's post, which will feature the next exciting steps of this week's illustration!

"I'm not a player. I just crush a lot."
- Dave

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