Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Week to Purchase Series 1 & 2 Drawings...

I'm rapidly gearing up for Alphabet Attack! Series 3. With that in mind, I'm giving collectors one last week to purchase remaining pieces from Series 1 and 2.

The works below are still available. They are 9"x12" and range in price from $125 to $215 (with shipping). If interested, please contact me directly
via email to inquire about a specific piece. Drawings will be marked "SOLD" as they go.

These pieces will be kept up until Friday, August 5th. After that, it's off to the archives. So don't sleep on this opportunity to own original art from the mixed-media, daily art whirlwind that's revolutionized the way I create illustrations and entertained the worldwide masses!


"Yearning Youth"


"Wintry Woman"

"Vicious Vivisector"

"Unscrupulous Usurper"

"Teenage Turtles" SOLD


"Ronin Runt Rearing"

"Quacky Quarreler"

"Properly Puffed"

"Occult Operator"

"Miami Mobster"

"Katana Kid"

"Jumbo Jughead"

"Ironclad Invincibility"

"Gruesome Gunslinger"

"Feline Felon"

"Cunning Cobra Couple"

"Bushido Bloodbath"

"All American"

"Zealous Zionite"


"Virtual Vixen"

"Unbeatable Underdog"

"Terrible Twos"

"Oppressive Overlord"

"Necromantic Ninja"

"Murderous Machinery"

"Lethally Leggy"

"Killer Keepsakes"

"Frankenstein's Freak"

"I've got a Chevy with a Mopar cam. I'll be your Johnny on the spot."
- Dave, aka King Gum

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