Friday, June 10, 2011

Prints & Books, Series 3 and Beyond!

As you may already know, Series 2 of Alphabet Attack! wrapped up earlier this week. It's been insanely fun, churning out these works for your regular enjoyment. This blog originated as a way for me to sharpen my illustration skills, speed up my decision making, and exercise some old fanboy demons. But it's been a special bonus finding so many new fans & supporters along the way. With that in mind, I thought I'd let you know what's in store for the future of this ongoing project.

Prints & Collections
I've had a lot of people contact me, asking if I plan on creating prints of these works or collecting them into a book. Well after some long consideration and counsel from my menagerie of birds, I've decided that I WILL be reprinting these illustrations in one of those formats... maybe even both!

Right now I'm exploring my options and how I may best cover my ass legally. After all, this is a huge jumble of copyrighted material. Considering how much bootleg merch of mainstream properties I've seen circulating at comic conventions, I'm guessing there has to be a way for little ol' me to make this happen. But realistically, all it takes is one Cease And Desist letter to bring the whole thing crashing down around me.

So keep an eye out for updates. My goal is to have the goods on hand for TR!CKSTER and Comic-Con, schedule and legality permitting.

Series 3
The first two runs of Alphabet Attack! both consisted of fan art... homages to the wonderful assortment of stories and characters that have inspired me throughout my life. But for Series 3, I plan on strictly doing creator-owned subject matter.

Don't get me wrong -- I love doing my own interpretations of other people's stuff. But I believe most artists truly glow when expressing their own concepts and imaginary worlds. And it's about time I got down with some of that action!

I'll also be switching from the daily format to something a bit more spread out. There will be more time in between finished illustrations, but with progress shots and in-the-works updates in between.

Essentially, Alphabet Attack! is about to become a themed process project. And I'm making room for some fun new aspects, including fan participation/voting, prints, and prizes!

With San Diego Comic-Con & TR!CKSTER on the horizon, I'm going to be pressed for time between now and late July. But I'll keep you guys posted on the developments with Series 3, as well as future merchandise from Series 1 & 2. In other words, "stay tuned."

"What a fool believes, he sees."
- Dave Crosland
Lord of Letters

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