Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Yearning Youth"

Well, my admitted appreciation for Blade of The Immortal has blossomed into full-on obsession. This is proven by the fact that I've actually trolled the Internet for sneak peeks at issues of the comic that haven't been translated into English yet. Yeah... I'm hooked. But addiction be damned, I am in love with this series. And even though she isn't a natural born warrior, Asano Rin is an incredible central character.

A teenage girl determined to avenge her murdered parents, Rin is constantly chased, threatened, ripped-off, attacked and kidnapped. But as the books go on, she undergoes an amazing transformation. Though she doesn't exactly evolve into a steel-wielding death machine like Manji, Rin does toughen up. She finds the courage to take charge of her own life, and accept the ills of the murderous path she's chosen. And thanks to some brilliant character arc work, Rin actually grows up a bit. It's like every challenge she overcomics takes away a piece of her innocence, but leaves her with the physical and mental tools to become a legend in her own time.

9" x 12" / mixed media on watercolor paper
$206 for US / $215 for international (includes shipping)
To purchase, email Dave Crosland

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