Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Coral Carnivore" Step One

The Letter C stands for "Coral Carnivore." This one popped into my head at random, and immediately brought Sea Monsters to mind. Specifically, those devilish creatures known as "sirens!"

For the concept drawing above, I just jumped right in with a dark black pencil. I quickly drew a light gesture, in about 3 minutes max. Then I began to finesse the darker, fine lines out of the piece.

Here, we have an aquatic siren who, like mermaids, is notorious for leading many a sailor to a watery grave. Siren lore I'm familiar with sometimes describes these fathom phantoms as lures... attractive bait attached to a toothy behemoth ambush predator that's lurking just below the sea. Hence the bruiser tucked underneath our scaly lady.

I do like the concept of the sexy siren who -- though beautiful and alluring above the ocean's surface -- is a gruesome killer below the water. You may notice that the hand she's dipping into the tide is sharper and more monstrous than her other hands. In the final piece, I want to convey the idea that she looks completely different when viewed underwater... as if her strange beauty up above is just a trick of the light.

And of course, her having four arms is a creepy cherry atop the spooky sundae.

Tune in tomorrow, as I dig into the full-blown illustration!

"This is the sound of what you don't know killing you. This is the sound of what you don't believe -- still true."
- Dave

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