Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Coral Carnivore" Step Three

The next stage of "Coral Carnivore" is one of my personal favorites -- the under painting! This is the point where I really begin developing the chroma (color) and value (light & dark) tones of a painting. With this piece, I went about this using thin layers of paint and a spoonful of spontaneity.

Under painting is like live art for me, in that I rely mostly on creative instinct -- I let the beast take hold and attack the canvas in a flurry. By doing so, I'm able to accomplish a lot of spontaneous, bold mark-making. Since this layer will inevitably be glazed over with more opaque layers of paint, there's a lot of freedom in how I apply the color. I've found that this helps me create bold marks that I wouldn't have made otherwise, especially during the more tedious painting steps to come.

Now that I'm beyond the drawing stage, I've also begun working out the puzzle of painting coral. Coral itself is an otherworldly, colorful sea creature. And it comes in all shapes and sizes. Rather than draw it first, I'm relying totally on texture and brush strokes to bring it to life. The spontaneity here is extremely helpful in conveying the alien landscape look of coral. But I'll have to maintain my sense of design & draftsmanship as I take it to completion. I'm not out of the woods yet....

Keep an eye out for the more developed painting stages of "Coral Carnivore," at the end of this week!

"You bring the ladies and I'll bring the brew! Oh shit, anotha' barbeque!"
- King Gum

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