Friday, May 20, 2011

"Occult Operator"

Today's piece is dedicated to that well-hung undead prophet of the apocalypse -- Rasputin! This guy's real life was pretty nutballs, and ended in a seriously grisly, ultra-violent way. But then Mike Mignola took the life of Rasputin to the next level, literally, making him a central villain and force of nature in Hellboy.

The wraith-like seer is ever bent on bringing forth the end of the world, via The Right Hand of Doom. Usually, this ends in disaster for poor ol' Rasputin since, well, that Hand is attached to an extremely reluctant demon turned monster hunter. When it comes down to it, I kinda feel like Rasputin is the most damned character throughout the whole story. He's lost so much, yet he remains stuck on destruction.

9 x 12 / mixed media on watercolor paper
$206 for US / $215 for international (includes shipping)
To purchase, email Dave Crosland

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