Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Ewok Engineering"

Okay, okay... I realize that The Ewoks are on just about every fanboy's list of "Things That Ruined the Star Wars Franchise," usually right after Jar Jar Binks and George Lucas, himself. But I gotta show love for these furry, loin-clothed critters. When I was 5 years old and sitting in the theater, bewildered by all that Light and Magic, I didn't really care that Ewoks were cute or lame. I was too busy getting lost in a fantasy world, where savage teddy bears can triumph over scout walkers and blaster-proof armor with arrows and spears, twine and lumber.

9 x 12" / mixed media on recycled bristol board
Update: SOLD!


  1. You said it! I mean, in all of Jedi you see maybe 10 Rebel infantrymen during the Battle of Endor. Meanwhile, the Ewoks are rolling deep, wiping away every stormtrooper and biker scout in their way!