Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Ruthless Robot Rampage"

I was instantly a fan of The Transformers. From the first episode of the cartoon to the toys to the old Marvel comics, I was simply hooked. I mean, what could have been cooler to a small boy in the 80's, than super-fresh vehicles that change into giant robots that love to fight?!

Heroic as the Autobots were, I was always a bigger fan of the Decepticons. And, whoa-boy, did those bad metal bastards take their evil to a whole new level in Transformers: The Movie. Sitting in that theater with my Dad in 1986, I was blown-away by how brutal the Decepticons were. All charged-up on robot cocaine (aka Energon), they blasted murder holes in damn-near every popular Autobot. And all within the first 30 minutes of the movie! And Megatron was in rare form, killing any and every Autobot in his path. No mercy... no remorse.

Of course, Optimus Prime showed up with The Dinobots and put a serious kibosh on the whole "bad guys seizing the day" moment. But I'll always have that pure robot massacre from the beginning of the movie, to soothe my villain-loving heart.

9 x 12" / mixed-media on recycled bristol board
Update: SOLD!