Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Frankenstein's Freak"

One of my favorite corners of science fiction is the one where the classics are tucked away. While there are plenty of oldies on my "need to read" list, I found time to read "Frankenstein" not too long ago. And it proved to be the perfect vacation book. I'd taken a small, dog-eared paperback copy with me on a trip to Central America. It was so pleasantly surreal, reading this bizarre story on foreign terrain. But even without the odd locale for reading it, the story was captivating from the first page. And to think, it was all contrived from a ghost story throw-down between Mary Shelley, her husband and their neighbors, while they waited out dreary weather.

9 x 12" / watercolors & ink on recycled bristol board
$200 (plus $5 for shipping to the US, $15 for international)
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