Friday, April 8, 2011

Almost... there....

Well, folks, it appears we're nearly at the end of the road. Monday, I'll be tackling "Z" with all my might. Hard to believe I've done 25 illustrations in the past few weeks. Feels like it flew by! Thanks to everyone who's been following the blog and reposting pics. Much gratitude for your support and help spreading the word of the Attack!

To all the folks who purchased original works from the series, stay tuned next week for a special announcement. I've got a treat in store for you!

As for the remaining drawings, I'll still have them offered for sale through next Friday, April 15. After that, they're going off the market for a turn. If there's something still available and you're interested, please let me know by Friday at midnight.

Again, thanks for the support and stay tuned... we ain't done yet.

- King Gum.

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