Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sci-Fi Alphabet Wrap Up!

Howdy, all. I just want to extend my gratitude to those of you who've been following Alphabet Attack! and helping me spread the word online. And many thanks to the collectors who've invested in owning the original works. I'm proud that so many of the pieces in this series have found good homes.*

The remaining sci-fi themed works will be for sale at their original $100 price, for the rest of this week. After Friday, I'll be repricing them. So act now if you want to score one of the drawings below.

"Frankenstein's Freak"

"Killer Keepsakes"

"Lethally Leggy"

"Murderous Machinery"

"Necromantic Ninja"

"Oppressive Overlord"

"Terrible Twos"

"Unbeatable Underdog"

"Virtual Vixen"

"Wantonly Warlike"


"Zealous Zionite"

Lastly, of course, I'll be following up this first series with another run through the alphabet. The public response has been so positive, how could I not!? Series 1 was science fiction. Stay tuned to discover the wellspring of pop reference I've got to pull from for Series 2.

From A to Z and back again...
- Dave, aka Gum

* If you purchased a drawing and have not received it yet, don't be alarmed. Orders were slightly delayed by my trip to Wondercon. All held-up Alphabet Attack! pieces will ship this week, via Priority Mail.

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