Monday, April 4, 2011

"Unbeatable Underdog"

In Escape From New York, not only does John Carpenter give us a doom generation NYC gone wrong. He also gives us the perfect hero for this twisted, bombed-out backdrop -- S.D. Bob "Snake" Plissken. An ex-special forces commando with an eye-patch and a nasty attitude, Snake is a futuristic, degenerate version of Rambo. The resulting brew of anti-hero and simple plot is a sci-fi punk film that's on par with The Warriors. In the span of the movie, Snake escapes roving street gangs, bests a giant gladiator (while nursing a bullet wound!), and survives being in a taxicab that hits a landmine. The man's like a blueprint for Die Hard's John McClane!

Oh, and did I mention that his ultimate nemesis, The Duke, is played by none other than the late Isaac Hayes? So at the end of the movie, Snake goes blow-for-blow with Truck Turner! INCREDIBLE! And you can probably guess who's left a bloody mess, and who struts away with their silken, feathered coif intact....

9 x 12" / mixed media on recycled bristol board
$200 (plus $5 for shipping in the US, or $15 for international)
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