Monday, April 18, 2011

"Cunning Cobra Couple"

Even in grade school, we all knew something extracurricular was going on between Destro & The Baroness. Those sideways glances during their terrorist mission briefings... their body language when they passed each other in the halls of Cobra's underwater base... the intense make-out session they had after burying Quick Kick under the rubble of The Parthenon -- these were all dead giveaways!

Not that I can blame them, of course. Destro had that baritone voice, fat gauntlets, and shiny head. And The Baroness rocked the skin-tight vinyl, librarian-dominatrix look, with an accent right out of Rocky & Bullwinkle. Something tells me their meeting must have been love at first mass murder.

9 x 12" / mixed media on recycled bristol board
$206 for US, $215 for international (includes shipping)
To purchase, email Dave Crosland

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