Thursday, April 7, 2011


Of all the creatures who adapted to the arid, road rage-inspiring, Outback Steakhouse hell that was the world of The Road Warrior, none was as fearsome and reviled as The Lord Humungus. His was the true language of a post-apocalyptic landscape -- absolute brutality.

With a gang of vicious bastards to back him up, this behemoth ruled the wasteland highways with a studded codpiece and a scarred-up scalp. If you had something Humungus wanted -- be it gas, food, or simply your life -- you could be sure he'd hit the road and come gunning for you, with your friends' corpses on the grill of his car and murder in his heart.

9 x 12" / mixed media on recycled bristol board
$200 (plus $5 for shipping in the US, or $15 for international)
To purchase, email

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