Friday, April 22, 2011

"Gruesome Gunslinger"

Hideous as he may be, Jonah Hex is a fun character to draw. I mean, just look at that mug! And I think his back story only adds to my scribbling excitement. The guy was sold into white slavery by his dad, in trade for safe passage through Apache territory. Ouch! Then, after being accepted by the tribe, he ends up crossing the chief's son. Daddy issues! And after a crafty betrayal, the tribe mutilates Jonah's face with a hot tomahawk and banishes his ass. Daaamn! I tell ya, crispy clean heroes are fine and good. But these fractured protagonists are where it's really at!

9 x 12 / mixed media on watercolor paper
$106 for US, $115 for international (includes shipping)
To purchase, email Dave Crosland

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